Professorial post in the field of Methodology and auxiliary sciences of medieval history

Last application date: Aug 24, 2015 23:59

Department: LW03 – Department of History
Contract: Statutary
Occupancy rate: 50%
Vacancy Type: Autonomous academic staffFrom 1 October 2015, a part-time (50%) position of lecturer in the Tenure Track system will become available within the Department of History at the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy. The mandate includes academic teaching, scientific research and the provision of scientific services in the field of Methodology and auxiliary sciences of medieval history.

Candidate’s Profile:

  • Holds a PhD, or equivalent, with a doctoral thesis in History;
  • Has at least two years’ postdoctoral experience on 1 October 2015;
  • Has completed outstanding academic research in the field of auxiliary sciences of history, namely palaeography and diplomatics, documented by recent publications in widely distributed and peer-reviewed scientific journals and books, both at home and abroad;
  • Possesses demonstrable research experience in auxiliary sciences of history, especially in auxiliary sciences of medieval history;
  • Possesses demonstrable knowledge of Latin and of Western-European medieval vernaculars, especially old Dutch and old French;
  • Possesses the didactic skills necessary to instil academic competences in university students;
  • Demonstrable experience with Digital Humanities will be considered an asset
  • An international profile thanks to, inter alia, research experience at research institutions other than one’s own will be considered an asset.

The application must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • An outline (1500 words maximum) in which the applicant explains his/her views on research, education and scientific services in relation to this vacancy;
  • The required transcripts (copies of qualifications)
  • A portfolio with additional information about the candidate’s teaching skills

The selection procedure is in two stages:

  1. Candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of their CVs, publications and submitted outlines; all the shortlisted candidates will be invited for a trial lesson and an interview;
  2. On the basis of the collated information, it will be decided which candidates will move on to the next stage and a running order will be established.

A part-time position (≥ 50%) at entry level of lecturer leads, in principle, to a five-year temporary appointment in a tenure track system.

A favourable assessment of the candidate’s performance by the university board results in the permanent position of senior lecturer.

Exceptionally, a candidate with similar academic experience at another university or research institute may be given a tenured appointment immediately, without prejudice to the possibility of a temporary appointment stipulated in art. V.28 in the Codex of Higher Education.

A part time assignment in a certain grade of a professorship cannot be combined with a part time assignment in another grade of a professorship.

Candidates must be prepared to attend the compulsory basic teacher training.

Ghent University provides a free offer of Dutch and English language courses for speakers of other languages, in support of the language of instruction.

For more details on this position and the way it is integrated in the department’s strategy, please contact Prof. Erik Thoen, Head of Department (tel. +32 (0)9 331 02 01 or e-mail:

At Ghent University, the career model for tenured lecturers and senior lecturers is based on the periodical evaluation of performance levels compared to previously defined personal objectives.

How to apply?

Applications must be received no later than August 24, 2015 at 23h59 (CET) through

The application must include the covering letter, the application form for tenured staff and proof of competency (including transcripts of qualifications).Please merge all the documents in one file and mention the following reference 20150702 methodology and auxiliary sciences in the subject of your mail.

The applicants will receive confirmation of receipt.

The application forms for tenured staff can be downloaded via this link: